Aussiechi Qigong/Tai Chi system for well-being through regular internal and external exercise.

Welcome to Aussiechi, a holistic training system that combines modern exercise theory and principles with ancient Qigong/Tai Chi techniques, supporting self-empowerment, meditative benefits and healthier mental and physical ageing.

BENEFITS of practicing this system into older age
Build your core muscle strength and endurance 
Improve suppleness of your back, spine and joints
Enhance your balance, flexibility and coordination 
Stimulate better breathing and organ health 
Increase your wellbeing and ability to relax 

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Series 01: Warm Up for Healthy Ageing - is specifically designed for older people wanting to maintain and improve their health through Basic 5 Min training sets: Limbering, Stretching; Breathing, Stepping Movements and Self Massage.  View Free Training Videos here

Further Information

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What exactly is the aussieCHI system and how can it help?

The aussieCHI training system applies modern exercise theory and principles to the traditional Shaolin Lohan Qigong allowing you faster access to specific health benefits.

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What is Qigong?

Qigong means 'energy', 'play' or 'skill'.

Qigong is a holistic approach to wellbeing, whereby self-enhancement of the body and mind through focused practice supports self-empowerment, healthy ageing, and cultivation of one’ s mind.

In Qigong, wellbeing is supported by regular physical exercise of the body, both the external (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and internal (core muscle structures and internal organs) and through discipline of the mind.

There are hundreds of Qigong exercise systems, not all are slow-moving or soft, each system approaches the practice in a different way. In general each system will focus on at least one of the three aspects of the practice, but in essence, the three aspects cannot be separated.

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Do you have difficulty breathing or are affected by hay fever type allergies?

The aussieCHI approach ensures that breathing basics are taught from the beginner level, to assist you in developing greater lung capacity and power, while you learn to relax your body and mind during your qigong exercise practice.

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Do you feel increasing weaker as you get older and want to slow this down?

The aussieCHI approach will help you to develop an understanding of how to incorporate external and core muscle exercise into your qigong exercise practice.

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Is your back and spine, tight, tired and sore and want to do something about it?

The aussieCHI approach ensures that correct movement of the spine is taught from the beginner level, to assist you in developing spinal strength and suppleness through your qigong exercise practice.

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Do you have trouble relaxing and want to feel more relaxed?

The aussieCHI approach will help you understand basic relaxation techniques so that your training can become more and more relaxed and the benefit of relaxation can flow into your day to day life.

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Learn Qigong for Healthy Ageing

Although you can’t stop ageing, you can slow the process and enhance your current state of wellbeing. Just as we now know that poor diet and lack of exercise play a major part in the onset of conditions such as diabetes and other chronic diseases, people still often equate things like stiffness, reduced flexibility, poorer movement and breathing, and increased tension in the body with ageing.

While there is a relationship between ageing and these conditions, a well thought out simple and effective regular ‘therapeutic’ exercise routine is a profound anti-ageing formula that is not a lot of hard work.

The Warm Up for Healthy Ageing (DVD) has a range of highly beneficial short qigong exercise sets that gives you the simplest concepts for limbering, stretching, breathing, core strength development, spinal strength and suppleness, qi /chi (bio-electromagnetic) energy development, internal organ care and relaxation.

Learn the Classic Shaolin 18 Lohan Qigong Forms

The 18 lohan form is relatively unknown outside of a small group of martial arts enthusiasts, but has been used for centuries to maintain the strength, flexibility, endurance and balance of martial artists into older age. This makes it an ideal choice for active people wanting to supplement their training or people just wanting to find an exercise system that gives them a good solid qigong workout.

The AussieCHI Awesome Qigong (DVD) introduces Level 1 of the 18 Lohan Qigong pattern. The instruction provides specific information on techniques to achieve enhanced benefits from Qigong or Tai Chi practice (to be advised when available).